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We customize your glass design


Does your project require a uniquely designed glass?
We know that not all projects are the same, therefore, we adapt to your design and requirements, manufacturing a unique glass for each singular project.

Whether they are aesthetic decorative or sensorial details, with specific tactile finishes, textures, color, luminosity, transparencies, satin finishes, mirror and special combinations. As well as technical functionalities “made to measure” so that the glass fits perfectly, adding value to the design.

Explain your objectives to us… and we will develop that special glass for you.
You will obtain a singular glass, manufactured under rigorous quality standards, with the full guarantee of SEVASA.

Contact us, you are just one step away from materializing your unique and differentiated project.


Sagrada Familia church: new star with LuxRaff_Solid glass.

A new star at the Sagrada Familia church, with LuxRaff®_Solid glass from Sevasa. Architect Gaudí stated that Virgin Mary tower “will end with a luminous 12-pointed star.” Well, this spectacular glass and steel star has just been installed, crowning the new tower… and with the presence of SEVASA’s LuxRaff®_Solid glass. A milestone in structural and […]

SEVASA renews ISO 14001 Environmental Certification

SEVASA has been honored again with ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Certification by an IAS accredited external audit firm. Improved year after year this ISO certification has been earned and officially renewed non-stop by SEVASA for 18 years (2003) since its internal implementation by the company in year 1996. ISO 14001:20015 is the international gold standard […]