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Sagrada Familia church: new star with LuxRaff_Solid glass.


A new star at the Sagrada Familia church, with LuxRaff®_Solid glass from Sevasa.

Architect Gaudí stated that Virgin Mary tower “will end with a luminous 12-pointed star.” Well, this spectacular glass and steel star has just been installed, crowning the new tower… and with the presence of SEVASA’s LuxRaff®_Solid glass.

A milestone in structural and lighting engineering, with a diameter of 7.5 meters and installed at a height of 138 m, it can withstand any natural phenomenon, even the impact of a 100 kg object at full speed.

LuxRaff® Solid glass, a singular star.

Each singular glass project demands high performing requirements, the star had them too.

SEVASA’s LuxRaff®_Solid glass, with its ability to capture and diffuse light (natural and artificial), its beautiful translucent anti-reflection and high surface hardness has been chosen as the outer layer of this spectacular structure.

A point of light: capturing it from sunlight during daylight and illuminated with LED technology at night for each of the 12 tips.

It is made up of a triple laminate that combines clear 6 mm LuxRaff®_Solid in #face 1 and in face # 6 a Crifusing glass from Cricursa, with beautiful icy textures. The largest pieces measure 449 x 1666 mm and the smallest 635 x 356 mm, integrated into the stainless steel structure, finishing off the pyramidal edges.

The structure, with a cost of 1.5 million euros and 5.5 tons in weight, can be visited from inside the tower, a 60-meter hollow cavity with its 800 triangular windows.

When Gaudí designed the church, they were lit with gas lamps. He already had the vision that electricity would be the future, although he did not get to predict yet it would be LED lighting.

Virgin Mary’s tower and her star is the tallest to date in the church (basilica), and represents the change of the building’s skyline, even that of Barcelona’s.

We are proud -and happy- that there is always a perfect Sevasa glass surface performing the project’s requirements, even for each singular and unique application.


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