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SatenDecor®EVOLUTION GRID_Collection

Satined glass collection Design by Camilla Brunelli.

The GRID COLLECTION is a geometric design (Grid) developing into lineal, organic or ethnic abstraction variations. Very versatile by sizes, bidirectionality and finishes.
T = transparent
S = Satined
B = Bi-tone (tone-on-tone)

  • Design by Camilla Brunelli, a young italian designer specializing in product design and surfaces. Exhibits in Milano, New York, Frankfurt, Berlin and Helsinki.

SatenDecor® EVOLUTION is a new production process to decorate glass: Improved stain resistance, improved consistency on etching, better easy of cleaning, better pattern definition and resolution, increasing the ability to produce new designs, such as the tone-on-tone, bigger larger motives and easing customization.


  • Doors, screens and dividers. Shower stalls. Furniture in general.
  • Exterior architecture, curtain walls, handrails.


  • Highly fingerprint and stain resistant. Very easy to clean.
  • It is resistant to damp and can be exposed to both the sun and artificial light. Unchanged by time.
  • High large-scale production capacity. Consistent quality, without irregularities.
  • Easy transformation: cutting, bevelling, curving, drilling, laminating, tempering and suitable for double glazing.
  • Well-known international brand and guality proven reliability.
  • SEVASA holds Environmental Safety ISO 14001 certification.


  • Store the glass in a dry place to prevent oxidation and protect from dust.
  • Clean with clean water. Do not use abrasive products.
  • Just like any other satin, care must be exercised when handling, particularly the matt face. Place the glass on a clean cutting table to protect the satin. It is recommended you position the glass satin side up on the cutting table.
  • In wet zones (shower screens, shower cabins, etc.) you are advised to install the glass with the treated side outwards: the glass will be transparent until it dries.
  • When SatenDecor® glass is installed correctly, no specific precautions are required. SEVASA satin is untouched by time and it does not degrade or blur.

Optional services

Customised Production: specific acording to your design, production, services and logistic needs.


Grid Collection brochure, by Camilla Brunelli

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