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  • Colours: low-iron, clear.
    Thicknesss: 2 to 15 mm (from 5/64″ to 3/5″ in).
    Thin glass: Please consult.
    Sizes: Standard 2250x3210mm (88″x126″); up to 9000x3210mm (354″x126″).
    (Other sizes please consult).
    Weight: 2.5kg/sqm per mm thickness
    Base: float glass norm UNE-EN 572-2.


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HapticGlas® – Electronics

Anti-Glare glass for high definition display-touch screens.


Anti-Glare very low sparkling micro-etched glass for touch and multitouch screens and HD displays.
HapticGlas non-reflective surface features passive haptics (touch screens) and properties controlled according to requirements.


  • On HD multitouch walls and tables, HD displays, digital signage, ruggedized displays, gaming,
  • Medical instruments, ATM's, Point-of-Sale, Outdoor applications.
  • Use in corporate showrooms, product presentation, advertising, education, information, museums, tourism, hotels/restaurants, aviation, home appliances.


  • Very low sparkling Anti-Glare.
  • Exceptional tactile feedback.
  • Market's largest size.
  • Resistant to scratches and stains, ideal for public use and outdoors.
  • Very low maintenance, high durability and more cost effective.
  • SEVASA holds Environmental ISO 14001 certification.


  • Store the glass in a dry place to prevent oxidation and protect from dust.
  • Clean with clean water. Do not use abrasive products.
  • Just like any other satin, care must be exercised when handling, particularly the matt face. Place the glass on a clean cutting table to protect the satin. It is recommended you position the glass satin side up on the cutting table.
  • When HapticGlas® glass is installed correctly, no specific precautions are required. SEVASA satin is untouched by time and it does not degrade or blur.

Optional Services

Customised Production: specific acording to your design, production, services and logistic needs.

Does your project or client require a bespoke design?

¿Have you been unable to find glass with the ideal technical or design characteristics?

¿Have you found a design you like but which needs modification to fit into your project?

With SEVASA your idea materialises into a distinguished project?