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  • Colours: low-iron and clear.
    Thickness: 2 mm.
    Sizes: Standard 2250 x 3210 mm; 1125 x 1605 mm (minimum order). Other thickness or sizes, please consult.
    Weigth: 2.5kg/m2 per mm thickness.
    Base: float glass norm UNE-EN 572-2.


Sevasa General Catalogue

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Framing glass: anti-glare anti-reflective

New specific line for framing works: Anti-glare and anti-reflective tech surface to improve the viewing of your art works, photos, maps,… with clarity of image and enhancing the constrast of colors. Two products, two solutions:

SV-PICTURE: Fine-etched anti-glare glass, one side, specifically for bright environments affected by direct light, maintaining a good imageview and colors.

SV-GALLERY: Premium anti-glare glass. It enhances image sharpness and constrast of colors, eliminating much of the glare in bright environments.

It’s high durability, fingerprints & dirtyness resistance (being less visible and easier cleaning) are only some of their advantages.


  • Picture framing, paintings, posters, photografs, maps, certificates, documents, collections, display cases, ...


  • High durability: resistance to fingerprints and stains. Easy cleaning.
  • Surface remains unchanged over time, It does not degrade, nor does it wear away.
  • It is resistant to damp and can be exposed to both the sun and artificial light.
  • Guaranteed homogenous quality and high production capacity for large projects.
  • Easy transformation. Well-known international brand, proven reliability on quality.
  • Well-known international brand and guaranteed quality backed by 30 years as the market leader.
  • SEVASA holds the ISO 14001 Environmental Quality Certification.


  • Store the glass in a dry place to prevent oxidation and protect from dust.
  • Clean with clean water. Do not use abrasive products.
  • Just like any other satin, care must be exercised when handling, particularly the treated face.

Optional Services

Customised Production: specific according to your design, production, services and logistic needs.

Does your project or client require a bespoke design?

¿Have you been unable to find glass with the ideal technical or design characteristics?

¿Have you found a design you like but which needs modification to fit into your project?

With SEVASA your idea materialises into a distinguished project?