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The right specification.

Only by specifying the right product, especially when selecting glass with an added value or distinctive technical characteristics, ensures the achievement of the design projected by the architect or designer. If this is not taken into account when identifying the product, the finished project may be far removed from the chosen product or the samples assessed.

To ensure that the acid-etched satin glass products which have been selected for the project are used by the contractor, glazier and installer, the order must include the following information:

  • Name of the manufacturer
  • Brand Name, Series and Model of the Product
  • Thickness of the glass
  • Chosen base (float, mirror or lacquered)
  • Colour (clear, extraclear, grey, bronze, green, blue and/or lacquered colours)
  • Specify whether one or both sides should be mattified and other finishes required
  • Required Certifications and Standards.

SEVASA glass products are made with float glass in compliance with national and international regulations in force, as well as certifications applicable to technical glass products which are guaranteed by the most prestigious international independent laboratories. It is important to request this guarantee in the product’s specification to avoid future surprises.

If you are an architect, interior designer, project manager or professional within the glass sector, we can help you to prescribe SEVASA acid-etched mattified glass. If you need more information or product samples, please contact us.