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Examine glass samples.

Natural outdoor light is the best lighting to evaluate the color -transmitted and reflected- from a glass sample. If possible, a partially cloudy day light is better than direct sunlight.

As we can not always choose the natural light conditions, when evaluating a glass sample we recommend that you view samples:

  • Under different light conditions: natural, and various types of artificial, because color tone may vary according to the type of illumination, (eg, fluorescent lights tend to make objects greener)
  • At different day times, to see how you perceive the tone and glass design at peak and low lights.

In a slightly inclined position moving it slightly to highlight the different glows, sparkles, transparencies, and dull areas.

Choose a specific object and place the glass sample at different distances from it to assess the level of translucency / opacity.

  • The further away the image the more image blur,
  • at a lesser distance, better definition and transparency.