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Choosing the right glass

There are several considerations to take into account when choosing the right satin glass that each application -and current legislation- may require:

  • The technical performance
  • The aesthetic design
  • Finishes
  • Tests and Certifications

The choice of a satined glass may be a challenge for the large number of possibilities, and especially difficult when there are unscrupulous companies that exaggerate the benefits of their products, or even they are not true.

Transformation process parameters may change between companies. For example; the technology, the base glass and other raw materials used, environmental factors, all result in a wide range of products where one could “get lost.”

When requesting advice for specification of SEVASA’s satin glass is appropriate that the architect, designer or glazier – after defining its design goals and how the piece interacts with its environment-, defines to us the following:

  • Primary and secondary functions of the piece,
  • If it’s an indoor or outdoor application,
  • If it is a walkable surface subject to current regulations on non-slip security issues,
  • If it has a public or private use, or if it requires a higher resistance that the standard,
  • If it needs maximum brightness and opacity, or softness to the touch or more texture,
  • What other processes will it require (eg laminated).
  • And if he’s looking for a specific or custom design.

Our website engine of products by categories, brands, functions and TOP’s benefits will help you define the product your project requires.

Whether you are a fabricator or a glazier, SEVASA answers to all questions related to acid-etched glass and its performance, and even helps you with the current rules and regulations in force. However, this guidance will never be a substitute for the professional’s specific decision from the project manager or the architect.