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Acid etched glass. What is it?

Etched glass, frosted, matt, translucent, opaque, frosted, there are as many names as possible applications. These generic descriptions may define different processes, but only the technique of acid etching offers the best performance and quality glass.

SEVASA’s acid etched glass is the result of processing the flat glass surface (float or mirror) with an aqueous acid, resulting in a smooth satin texture of matte translucent appearance, or a transparent engraved surface.

Sevasa’s more than 35 years of specializing in producing true acid etched glass has resulted in products that are unrivaled in technical performance, quality finish, durability, and consistency. Our commitment to quality and maintaining the highest production standards deliver to our customer an acid etched glass that is highly efficient in its performances, or the ease of cleaning and resistance to marks and stains, for instance.

This quality of SEVASA glass becomes evident during the transformation processes, making especially appreciated by the industrial and glassware professionals. Whether cutting, polishing, or beveling, it allows easy bending, lamination and temperate toughening.

Increasingly being used in architecture (structural, outdoor and indoor) interior design and furniture manufacturing, SEVASA glass offers a wide variety of sizes, colors and technical performances for the construction and creation of ethereal-looking structures and ambiences.

It will not degrade nor wear, does not pickle or discolor, and will not change over time.

It is resistant to most common cleaners and humidity because it is not an additive, or a bonded layer. It is not a blast (also called sand-matted), the traditional method which resulted in rough finishes and delicate maintenance.

The certificates obtained by SEVASA, such as “>Environmental ISO 14001 also ensure high quality, consistency and sustainability of this high capacity production and better performance.