International recognition and commitment

With almost 40 years of experience in industrial etching and glass engraving, SEVASA is internationally recognized for its innovation capabilities, expertise and commitment to quality. With some world’s unique products and our brands, such as SatenGlas®, SatenDecor®, CriSamar® or LuxRaff have become the generic for their properties.

Extensive range of products and high production capacity

We offer the widest range of technical performing architectural and decorative solutions in the field of high quality acid-etched glass, and with the guarantee of high production capacity for large projects.

Ecological and sustainable enterprise

A pioneer in environmental preservation and obtaining Environmental ISO 14001 certification, LEED’s credits.., for a sustainable management of natural resources.

Engineering and Quality

The creation of custom machinery has given Sevasa the advantage. The Department of Engineering R & D is constantly developing new technical products, furthering performances and improvements in the production process. They regularly work alongside the Quality Department on laboratory tests and investigating new resources.

Performance, Design, Customizing and Availability

The growing performing requirements of architects and designers to seek technical products and concept designs have encouraged our design department. They are continuously monitoring industry functionalities and meeting creative challenges with custom pattern designs.



  • Introduction of high capacity techniques to acid-etch glass.
  • The creation of machinery under its own technical design.
  • SEVASA’s interest in new developments (technical glass:anti-glare,antiscratch,non-slip, up to 9 mt oversize sheets…)
  • Clear international commitment and projection.
  • Sustainable management of environmental resources, treatment and recycling.

At SEVASA we focus on:

  • Technological innovation and functional performance.
  • Continuous improvement in quality, safety and training, with total employee participation.
  • Respect for the environment. National and international leader in obtaining Environmental Certificate ISO 14001.