One of the features of SEVASA glass products is that once they have been fitted, they do not require any special maintenance. Minimal maintenance which involves cleaning with neutral soap, or just water, is enough to maintain its original appearance.

One of the characteristics of SEVASA glass products is that they are easy to clean and resistant to day-to-day stains such as fingerprints. The products from the Antiscratch range are especially resistant to scratches and stains.

Even so, it is advisable that transformers and installers have a few minimum guidelines for manipulating these products, also see Recommendations, as well as end customers with highly demanding applications, such as work tops and kitchen surfaces, on which chemical products may be used.

To be considered:

A large number of commercial household cleaning products contain other additives (to boost shine, colorants, etc.) which may leave residues on satin etched glass. If this is the case, adding more product or using a more aggressive product will only make the situation worse.

For maintenance of your glass products, SEVASA recommends: Firstly, clean only with water. Dry.
If the surface is greasy, add a small amount of liquid soap and dry.

For this purpose you should use a microfiber cloth, Magic cleaner or a scourer for ceramic hobs.

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