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Acid-etched Architectural & Design Glass

International company specialized in producing high quality acid etched and engraved glass for sustainable use in architecture, interior design and furnishings.

Welcome to SEVASA

We are an international company specialized in producing high quality acid etched and engraved glass for sustainable use in architecture, interior design and furnishings.

Outstanding technical glasses with an elegant look for the creation of structures, open spaces and decor design.

Featured products


New decorated/engraved glass collection with linear patterns.

XXL Satin glass

Oversized satined glass for a breathtaking architecture.

LuxRaff® Grip Antiscratch

New Antiscratch, maximum non-slip and higher performance. Also XL size.


Satin glass with gradual opacity. 3 options + custom.

LuxPrint® anti-glare

Anti-glare glass line for see-through façades/windows; or for digital printing and laminates with marble, stone, wood…


Anti-glare, anti-reflective glass markerboards. Special glass.

BIRDKARE® (bird-safe)

Bird-safe glass with specific acid-etched design for side#1.

SatenDecor® EVOLUTION Aline

Lineal tone-on-tone design glass. New improved process.

Featured information

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Sevasa Technologics

Visit also our division of anti-glare technological glass and anti-glare for the electronics industry and display: Sevasa Technologics.


Certificacion ISO 9001 y 14001

Sevasa Technologics receives ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications

We have been awarded the ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 14001 Environmental certifications, with which we assume and exceed the values ​​and commitments focused on the quality of both production processes and procedures, management and also environmental responsibility.   Below, the ISO standards that are based on the continuous improvement of quality and environmental business […]

We customize your glass design

Does your project require a uniquely designed glass? We know that not all projects are the same, therefore, we adapt to your design and requirements, manufacturing a unique glass for each singular project. Whether they are aesthetic decorative or sensorial details, with specific tactile finishes, textures, color, luminosity, transparencies, satin finishes, mirror and special combinations. […]

Sagrada Familia church: new star with LuxRaff_Solid glass.

A new star at the Sagrada Familia church, with LuxRaff®_Solid glass from Sevasa. Architect Gaudí stated that Virgin Mary tower “will end with a luminous 12-pointed star.” Well, this spectacular glass and steel star has just been installed, crowning the new tower… and with the presence of SEVASA’s LuxRaff®_Solid glass. A milestone in structural and […]