Optional customized production

  • Exclusive design and a la carte, even in XXL sizes.
  • Production by customization.
  • Special services in delivery, timings, parallel management, under request.
  • Logistics and special distribution.

Full service

If desired, SEVASA advises and manages the process of glass transformation (cutting, bevelling, bending, tempering, laminating) according to your needs in order to deliver it finished and ready to install.

You benefit from:

  • A single supplier / partner
  • A single coordinator
  • Quality “turnkey” service

Thus, you will not have to worry about the transformation process.

Surface treatment and special etchings

  • We offer you our technical expertise in acid treatment as a solution to your functional glass surface requirements.
  • Technical cleaning, chemical polishing or micro-damage surface smoothing. Preparation of glass as a pre-treated substrate for further technical processing, such as layering, or even removing them to recover expensive substrates.
  • Processing of customer’s own materials is also available.