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CriSamar® STEP en One World Trade Center


CriSamar® STEP in One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower) NY

Up on the observatory deck on top of the emblematic skyscraper One World Trade Center in New York -known as Freedom Tower- the Sky Portal stands out: visitors can climb a wide glass platform made of transparent non-slip glass CriSamar®STEP . With a circular shape and a diameter around 15 feet, it offers an unforgettable view – using high-definition images in real time – of the streets below.

We are proud of having supplied the transparent and non-slip floor glass CriSamar®STEP, product Incus-T. Chosen for its safety, transparency and durability performances. Underneath it, a clever use of trestles beneath the Incus-T glass surface, not only reinforce the illusion of a structural element to support the weight of people standing on the glass, they also effectively hide the seams of the video wall to make it appear the video is one continuous surface.

One World Trade Center gets LEED Platinum Certification, besides other professional acknowledges, or being included in List of Best Buildings that Made News.

Architects: Owings Merryll Skidmore (SOM), David Childs Daniel Libeskind.
Location: New York City, USA.

Nuevo Graduel H

New Graduel-H, the acknowledged Graduel®, now in a horizontal format

We are proud to announce the new launch of Graduel-H, the glass with gradual opacity, now in a horizontal format: a more profitable and economical format, with the same quality and beauty as the known Graduel®. Thanks to the fact that for the first time the gradient from translucent to transparent is parallel to the […]

Certificacion ISO 9001 y 14001

Sevasa Technologics receives ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications

We have been awarded the ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 14001 Environmental certifications, with which we assume and exceed the values ​​and commitments focused on the quality of both production processes and procedures, management and also environmental responsibility.   Below, the ISO standards that are based on the continuous improvement of quality and environmental business […]