Corporative and product certifications

Like other construction materials, glass is governed by international norms and standards. SEVASA and SEVASA TECHNOLOGICS demand its suppliers provide the highest accreditation for their raw materials and products, ensuring they comply to these standards, as well as a guarantee of homogeneity and quality maintenance over time and in different deliveries.

With transformed glass, SEVASA guarantees the delivery of the end product to the extent of suppliers guarantees, as well as manufacturing, characteristics and technical features of the mattified products.

These procedures are constantly evolving. Because these are constantly updated, we recommend you contact SEVASA directly to specify the norms and certifications applicable to each project and product.

The SEVASA-SEVASA TECHNOLOGICS acid-etched mattified glass products comply with the following norms and certifications (depending on models):

Base material:

  • Float glass standard UNE-EN 572-2.
  • Mirror standard UNE-EN 1036 for quality and corrosion resistance in glass covered with silver for internal use.
  • CE Marking.
  • … among others (check with SEVASA).

Anti-Slip Certifications:

  • UNE-EN 12633 (Pendulum Method), Types 1, 2 and 3 (Rd>45).
  • DIN 51130 (Ramp test standard footwear), R9 to R13.
  • DIN 51097 (Barefoot ramp test), Classified in A, B and C.
  • ANSI A137.1:2017 Dynamic Coefficient of Friction
  • UL 410 – Slip Resistance of Floor Surface Materials.
  • ASTM C 1028 – Static Coefficient of Friction.
  • … among others (check with SEVASA).
More information on the slip resistance certification of CriSamar® STEP and LuxRaff® by SEVASA.

Resistance Certifications:

  • EN 101:91 – MOHS Scale
  • DIN EN ISO 10545-6 – Resistance to deep abrasion

Corporative certifications

SEVASA TECHNOLOGICS’s concern to achieve quality compliance with international standards has been proven during its years of experience in the acid-etched satin glass sector. Obtaining Environmental ISO 14001 and Quality ISO 9001 Certifications:

Quality Management ISO 9001 Certification