Sevasa’s unique know-how comes from more than 30 years specializing on acid-etched technical glass for sustainable use in architecture and modern electronics

We offer you our technological expertise on acid-etching as a high-quality solution for your functional glass surface and performance requirements, along with consistency and aesthetic demands.

Expertise to accomplish, for instance:

  • a clearer image on micro etched glass when incoming light scatters,
  • exceptional tactile feedback for touch applications,
  • increasing surface scratch-resistance and reducing fingerprints,
  • reducing cleaning and maintenance needs for public or outdoor uses,
  • elimination of annoying glare and reflections when lightning,
  • consistency on product output, development of new prototypes,
  • assuring volume production, and many other benefits.

The company is yearly awarded since 2003 with the Environmental ISO 14001 and Quality ISO 9001 certifications. These practices though, have been implemented at Sevasa since as early as 1996.


From raw material analysis to production control and product measurements.

Sevasa establishes tight requirements for suppliers. Materials are analysed to confirm physical and chemical properties, and to ensure quality consistency over time and in different deliveries.

Metrology and tight tests are carried out to ensure customer specifications and our high quality requirements on mechanical and technological properties. Gloss, clarity, haze, roughness, transmittance, among others, are checked and monitored, assuring performance.

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