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LuxMat® Laquée · Lacquered glass without reflections

Colour without reflections, decoration with character.

LuxMat® Laquée glass combines the finest acid-etched satin on one of its sides with the intense colour of highly-resistant, hardwearing lacquer on the other.

In terms of colour, some reflections are undesirable. That’s why LuxMat® Laquée allows the clearest vision of colours, bringing to life its true tones and enhancing its true intensity. Getting the most from colours, or achieving extra-white that does not go green and pure black that does not reflect its surroundings.



Red Opera


Light Green

Light Blue

Solar Yellow

Light Grey

Mint Green

Aqua Blue

Consult range and availability of colours.


Ideal for interior architecture and decoration. Wall coverings, office dividers, kitchen and bathroom partitions. Decorative wall panels, combining pieces or colours.

Furniture design: doors, closets, shelves, frontdesks, wardrobes.

Residential, offices, commercial premises, public areas (hotels, schools, museums, etc.)


Colours: Extrawhite, Ivory, Opera red, Black.

Also available other colours (green, blue, yellow, grey, etc.) Please ask.

Thickness:  4 and 6 mm ( 5/34″ and 1/4″ in.)

Size: Standard 225 x 321 cm (88″x126″ in.)

Weight: 2.5kg/m2 per mm thickness.

Base: float glass standard UNE-EN 572-2.

Easy processing: can be cut, bevelled, curved, and drilled. Not suitable for tempering.


  • Resistance to damp. The lacquer composition remains unalterable under the effect of humid heat, which permits it to be installed in kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Durability. Stability and uniformity of colour, thanks to the high resistance of the lacquer, which is also guaranteed by the protection of the glass.

  • Easy to use, install and customise. It has the same function as a mirror.

  • Large sizes available.

  • Intense colour vision, without reflections from the surroundings.

  • In wall coverings it gives a feeling of depth, a characteristic not found in other opaque materials.

  • Highly fingerprint and stain resistant, it’s very easy to clean.

  • High production capacity for large projects, with short delivery times.

  • LuxMat® is a well-known international brand guarantee of quality.

  • SEVASA holds the quality certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in environmental quality. Strict routine controls give SEVASA the seal of an eco-friendly and sustainable company.


  • LuxMat® Laquée should be transformed and handled just like a mirror.

  • Store the glass in a dry place to prevent oxidation, protect from dust.

  • Wash with clean water. Do not use abrasive products.

  • Place the glass on a clean cutting table to protect the lacquer.

  • Just like any other satin, care must be exercised when handling.

  • Position the facade side towards the wall, on an opaque surface.

  • Allow for a clearance of 1 to 2 mm between panes.

  • Do not install on damp walls. The wall temperature must not exceed 45ºC. When installing in kitchens, do not place it in direct contact with heat from fire or ovens.

Optional Services:

Customised Production: specific according to your design, production, services and logistic needs.

Inclusive Service: we manage all stages of the processes (cutting, polishing, curving, tempering, laminating, etc.) to obtain the finished product to be assembled in its final position.

For more information, contact SEVASA:  info@sevasa.com

LuxMat® is a trademark from SEVASA.



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Sevasa - LuxMat® Laquée Sevasa - LuxMat® Laquée Sevasa - LuxMat® Laquée