SEVASA is an international company specializing in the production of high quality acid- etched and engraved glass obtained from flat glass sheets, for a sustainable use in architecture, interior design, furniture and electronics.

Etched glass, frosted, matted, satined, translucent, opaque, obscure, dull, privacy glass… it gets as many names as possible applications: from architectural curtain walls, floors, partitions, doors, dividers, screens and endless possibilities in furniture -such as tables, cabinets, …- and electronics -displays, HD screens, …

A wide range of colors, thicknesses and measures that provide solutions to any project needs such as:

  • Aesthetical: luminosity, privacy, lightness, creation of open spaces, sophistication, smoothness,
  • Technical: structural, slip resistance, scratch resistant, stain resistant, resistance to atmospheric agents,
  • Skillful: long lasting, homogeneity, ease of cleaning, performance, profitability, versatility,
  • Logistical: international availability, high production capacity.
  • And of sustainability: ahorro energético, respeto medioambiental, reciclabilidad.

And a quality that becomes evident during the transformation processes performed
on the glass, which is especially appreciated by professional glassworks and industry.


The Company

Founded in 1983 by Don Pascuale Meli after a long tradition in both artistic glass sector (his engravings and leaded glass are still visible in Italian churches and in Malta Island) and satin etched glass sector at the 60’s in Italy.

Creator of a new procedure for serial decorative glass, he set up an important company, SEVASA, with headquarters in Barcelona and several international branches.


Its recently-constructed plant of 12,000 sq m is located just few km from Barcelona, with more than 6000 sq m of facilities equipped with modern, customized machinery, a new treatment station and with its production organized by shifts.

International Calling

Won international recognition for quality and commitment, SEVASA exports 80% of its production and has offices and representatives in Europe and America.