Acid etched glass. What is it?

Etched glass, frosted, matt, translucent, opaque, frosted, there are as many names as possible applications. These generic descriptions may define different processes, but only the technique of acid etching offers the best performance and quality glass

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Choosing the right glass

The choice of a satined glass may be a challenge for the large number of possibilities, and especially difficult when there are unscrupulous companies that exaggerate the benefits of their products, or even they are not true.

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Examine glass samples

Natural outdoor light is the best lighting to evaluate the color -transmitted and reflected- from a glass sample. If possible, a partially cloudy day light is better than direct sunlight.

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The right specification.

Only by specifying the right product, especially when selecting glass with an added value or distinctive technical characteristics, ensures the achievement of the design projected by the architect or designer.

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Send us your photographs

Are you proud of a SEVASA glass application you have installed or designed?
Tell us about it and send us a photograph.

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If choosing an etched glass product becomes a challenge due to the wide range of possibilities, extrapolating this decision among many different companies which manufacture similar products can be an impossible task.

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