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Fine Arts Museum in Badajoz from Estudio Hago Architects nominated for Mies van der Rohe 2015 Award.

The expansion of the Museum of Fine Arts of Badajoz (MUBA) carried out by the architects Antonio Alvarez-Cienfuegos and Emilio Delgado Martos (www.estudiohago.com) has been nominated for the prestigious European Prize Mies van der Rohe 2015.

A notorious project on the historical building situated in the Centre of Badajoz, which retrieves the identity of the Museum in a dialogue between architecture and the urban context (the city) through its cultural content.

The construction of two new buildings, related by their materials has been conducted: the spectacular perforated prestressed concrete, whose scale and drawing seem to print a message on the skin of the building, and the glass, source of natural light that floods into the spaces.

With a clear will of luminosity, together with the need to ensure the reliability and durability for their horizontal applications, the architects have chosen two models of non-slip floor glass: LUNARIS-T and LUNARIS-X, from the CriSamar® STEP line of Sevasa. A technical glass in the range of high performance.

There are two types of CriSamar® STEP applications:

-          In the meetings between floors and the spectacular perforated panel, a perimeter of light through glass stripes of laminated 3-ply (10 + 10 + 6 mm) and between 60 and 150 cm width which contrasts with the bright white floors, giving upper and lower galleries view. The walkways of glass combine transparency (Lunaris-T) with the translucency (Lunaris-X) at the entrance to each gallery area.

-          The different heights are connected by a staircase with laminated non-slip glass treads of LUNARIS-X with the same composition as above and flooded with natural light thanks to a higher circular skylights.

The complexity of the circumstances of this project, such as archaeological sites, contact with dividing walls and protected building rehabilitation works, have required powerful solutions, maintaining coherence with the initial strategy.

Estudio Hago won the project through international competition with prestigious architects. And it has lead them today to be one of the projects nominated for the Mies van der Rohe 2015, the prestigious European Prize for contemporary architecture.

Technical File:

Project carried out by: Estudio Hago Architects. www.estudiohago.com

Architects: Antonio Álvarez-Cienfuegos y Emilio Delgado Martos

Collaborators: Ignacio Herrero Frutos, Javier Bachiller Alonso & Iago Sánchez Besteiro.

Promoter: Diputación de Badajoz.

Glazing: Cristalería Alvarado (Cáceres)

For more information:

SEVASA, Tel. +34 93 828.03.33, info@sevasa.comwww.sevasa.com

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