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Introducing SV-Picture and SV-Gallery, specific anti-glare glass for framing.


Sevasa presents a new anti-glare glass line specifically for the framing sector.


Anti-glare and anti-reflective technology to improve the visualization of your art works, photographs, maps, with clarity of image and enhancing the contrast of colors.

Two products, two solutions:

SV-Picture: Designed for bright environments affected by direct light, maintaining a good image view and colors.

SV-Gallery: Premium anti-glare glass. It enhaces image sharpness and contrast of colors, eliminating much of the glare in bright environments.

Its long durability, resistance to marks and dirt -which are less visible and easier to clean- are just a few of their advantages.




Pzs Quant.


1070 x 666 mm

90 u. ca. 64m2


1605 x 1000 mm

40 u. ca. 64m2


1070 x 2000 mm

30 u. ca. 64 m2


1605 x 2000 mm

20 u. ca. 64m2

Other thicknesses, please consult.

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